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The environmental protection is currently one of the major issues in any production area. In society consumers change their preferences in favour of the ecologically clean products and goods, which are environmentally friendly, do no harm to health of people, which production is not harmful. A present-day production, being one of the key elements of contemporary society, shall also work with an eye to the impact on the environment. This concerns both the production process and the results of its activity, namely the goods. Competence in sustainability and production ecology issues is one of Elite Décor Industry’s advantages. Elite Décor Industry devotes considerable attention to development, selection, implementation and sustainable use of the technologies, meeting up-to-date requirements of preserving the quality of environment in production.

By choosing Elite Décor Industry’s products, you can be assured that ecologically clean raw materials were used in its production and the very process of product manufacturing had no negative impact on the environment.

The principal raw material of Elite Décor Industry production is a polyurethane. Polyurethane is a foamed plastic invented in the 30-s of the last century. It has unique properties: a strong mechanical stability, water resistance, chemical and biological resistance and above all – it is nontoxic and environmentally friendly. Polyurethane ecological cleanness is shown by the fact that the implants for human organs are made from it. One of the latest developments is a polyurethane medical bandage. Also a new class of polyurethane based construction materials has been developed for dental orthopedics. All of the aforesaid proves once again the absolute raw materials cleanness used in Elite Décor Industry production.

Every year Elite Décor Industry adopts new technologies to minimize the industrial wastes, reducing the negative effects on the environment.

Elite Décor Industry production complies fully with all up-to-date environment requirements, being proved by the relevant certificates.

Despite the achievements made, the efforts to increase ecological compatibility of Elite Décor Industry production have continued.