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Elite Decor Industry plant’s production lines are automated and robot-aided to the fullest degree. As a result the minimum influence of the human factor is achieved at the production process, allowing to reach a high quality of output and reduce production costs.

Elite Decor Industry is constantly looking for upgradeability and improving of efficiency of product manufacturing processes. Elite Decor Industry has its own research and construction department, which is under constant development due to research and cooperation with other companies. We share experience on a regular basis with many world manufacturers of equipment and often conduct joint research.

High-quality raw materials of the world’s largest manufacturers Dow Chemical, ACMOS and Henkel are used in production process.

All Elite Decor Industry’s employees are the real professionals in their area knowing their work fully and many of them individually elaborated, tested and implemented particular technological processes. All the employees served 2- month training course before the beginning of a self-guided work on their work sites and are aware of all specificities of the technological processes.