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In its facade decor production Elite Décor Industry uses the latest innovative technologies and also variety of its own designs.

Finished goods based on expanded polystyrene with Dar Mix protective plaster coating are firm as well as high-elastic, prevail in weight and more resistant to destructive activities of the environment towards the goods, made on the basis of concrete, plaster and other technologies.

The raw materials incoming control for decor manufacture is conducted in its own laboratory and control, requiring long cycling researches - in certified laboratories.

The protective reinforcing mixture used in production of facade decor is adapted to rapid climate changes which is certified by tests for frost tolerance, namely an ability to resist a repeated alternate freezing and thawing without destructive signs in state saturated with water, carried out in the certified laboratory in accordance with DSTU (the State Standard of Ukraine).

The acrylic binders contained in DarMix mixture are made only by the leading European manufacturers, the natural mineral fillers are used in the mixture.

Our equipment allows to manufacture linear and curved articles of any complexity, so that architects and designers can realize any bold projects and decisions. We constantly modernize and improve the existent basic equipment, elaborate and implement the new one at own production site. The extensive capabilities of machinery and production best practice allow us to continuously expand the collection nomenclature, represented in constantly growing warehouse stock. Customers may purchase the chosen products without waiting for several weeks for manufacture.

Our specialists always help customers in development of individual solutions, reflecting all creative ideas with further manufacture of the elements in our production.

A multistage quality control system is implemented in the production.

Each output article is labeled during processing in all production areas and checked by QCD specialists.

Our specialists are concerned about the future of produced articles after their dispatch to the customer, that is why we elaborated detailed installation guidelines of decors at building sides to provide good look and reliability to the constructed house for decades.

Facade decor of Elite Décor Industry production has a light-beige protective covering, allowing to choose a facade color in any color shade range and also a surface texture, creating an effect of a natural stone, wood etc.

Elite Décor Industry’s specialists are always here to serve you to implement any ideas, demonstrate a personal touch and an exquisite taste, create own architectural masterpieces, surprising and pleasing the eye for many years.