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Stucco decor manufacturing

Elite Décor Industry’s stucco decor manufacturing department is an advanced production facility, which currently has been producing a variety of polyurethane stucco decor collections, elaborated by our designers for us and collections, specifically designed under our customers’ orders.

Both the equipment of the world leading manufacturers (CANNON, GRACO, DUT etc.) and special-purpose equipment, designed and produced by Elite Décor Industry’s request (equipment for foam pouring, machinery for details processing and painting and much more) is used in production process.

All production lines are automated and robot-aided to the fullest degree to reduce the influence of human factor on the production process, providing a high quality of output products and low production costs.

Elite Décor Industry’s specialists are constantly looking for upgradeability and improving of efficiency of product manufacturing processes.

High-quality raw materials of the world’s largest manufacturers DOW, ACMOS and Henkel are used in production process.

All Elite Decor Industry’s employees are the real professionals in their area knowing their work fully and many of them individually elaborated, tested and implemented particular technological processes. All the employees served 2- month training course before the beginning of a self-guided work on their work sites and are aware of all specificities of the technological processes.

A brief technological process description:

1. Modeling and prototyping.

A precision milling equipment is used in prototyping to ensure a high quality of the products. The ornamental prototypes are manufactured by qualified modellist sculptors. Depending on the article complexity the modeling process can last from one hour to four days.

2. Manufacturing of forming tools (molds).

The molds are made according to a technological process specifically designed by the Company’s specialists, enabling production of proper and high-performance molds. The molds are produced with due consideration of the recommendation of raw materials manufacturers. This all makes it possible to increase the lifetime of molds more than 2 times.

3. Moulding and processing.

Pouring is carried out by open or closed way depending on the type of the product. After pouring the product is kept in a mold for 6 minutes. Than the molded article is processed in order to put into required shape. At these stages of production the molded and treated products subject to a constant quality control. The use of a high-quality and precious equipment allows to achieve a standardized quality of the output products and their geometrical accuracy.

4. Painting and packing of products.

A fully-automated painting equipment and also paintwork materials of the European manufacturers are used for painting. The works are conducted on the automated painting machines pursuant to the technological process, designed by the Company’s specialists. This makes it possible to achieve a standardized quality of a paintwork of the output products.