Elite Décor Industry - is manufacturer of stucco decorations from polymers with more than 20 years of experience. At a certain point we became part of the BLAUBERG GROUP which, after studying all the economical angles of the market, made a decision to open in Ukraine a modern high-tech factory, that produces products from polymers.
Opening of the factory in Ukraine, that located in geographical centre of Europe, was due to the growing demand for modeled decor from polyurethane foam in the markets of Western and Eastern Europe. 

To attain this goal BLAUBERG GROUP with a number of manufacturing plants in Europe, Malaysia, China and South America, purchased Elite Décor Group and opened Elite Décor Industry plant on its base, by taking the previous twenty year experience of production of the aforementioned plants.

Thus, preferential logistic conveniences were created compared with Asian manufacturers, which allows to address the increased demands of the West European market as soon as possible and ensures the efficient operation in the markets of GIS, the Middle East, Africa, Central and South Asia.

Our company with its products has consistently participated in all international exhibitions around the world for many years, we have been exhibitors:
NAHB IBS 2015 Los Vegas, Big 5 Saudi 2016, Heimtextil 2016, Homebuilding & Renovating Show 2017 United Kingdom, Build Afro Tanzania 2017, Intirio 2017 Belgium, Maison & Objet Paris 2018, Big 5 Dubai 2018.

Elite Décor Industry is a powerful manufacturing and trade enterprise, which owns a major up-to-date production base, where polyurethane stucco décor collections and facade décor are produced under world-famous brands, namely: Grand Décor, Harmony, Prestige Décor, Deco Wood, Home Décor, Tesori, Fabello Décor etc.

Elite Décor Industry’s product range is more than 2000 items. Industrial and warehouse premises occupy more than 20000 m2. Each manufacturing department is technically equipped in accordance with international standards and conducts a full production cycle. There are more than 500 professionals in the enterprise, providing for creation of stucco and facade decor from idea to finished high-quality product.

One of the main advantages of Elite Décor Industry’s production is ideal value for money. In the setting up of production a set of essential economic, social and production principles have been considered. All subdivisions are located within one territory, thus ensuring optimal relations among them. A closed cycle with independent water-and heat facilities is achieved in the production.

We have created a unique research and manufacturing complex, which includes:

  • the design subdivision, which elaborates concepts of interiors and exteriors of buildings and the element base for their creation;
  • the laboratory of polymer materials, which elaborates, produces and adapts raw materials for architectural elements production;
  • the subdivision for equipment development with its own design bureau, which designs and produces equipment and tools for manufacture of all kinds of decorative elements;
  • Elite Decor Industry’s plant of polymers is the first in the world fully automated production of decoration elements for interiors and exteriors, which is able to manufacture more than 1 mln. of articles per annum.



The plant has all well-known manufacturing technologies based on polyurethane foam, polystyrene foam, hybrid composites and plastics. Design, trade, logistic and processing subdivisions are consolidated into a single complex. This provides for a perfect communication between subdivisions.

Our specialists are constantly working to improve the quality of products and expanding the range. We also carry out a strict multi-level control at all the stages of production process. Many elements, presented in particular collection, were designed jointly with famous architects and designers. With our products we are trying to meet any customer needs.

The basic vision of Elite Décor Industry is our commitment to the demands of the customer, who needs to buy high-quality products.