A hundred years ago it was impossible to imagine the exterior of the building, be it in the Art Nouveau style or classic, without elements of stucco decoration. And not without reason, as we believe, because this is art, but it is eternal. The stucco decoration creates a calm, comfortable atmosphere, free from flashy forms. Stucco decoration is a testament to taste, amazing sophistication and, at the same time, a sense of proportion. This is a balanced decision, a deliberate step. Creative people always strive to make their home unique, express their individuality through architectural decor, create unforgettable images. An excellent tool for this is the centuries-old architectural facade elements. Science has proven that contemplation evokes positive emotions and feelings. Moldings have been and remain one of the main means of expression of many designers and architects. And the design of the facade is largely determined by the search for the necessary forms among the many types and configurations of the facade decor, which can set the tone in the definition of almost any style: classic, modern, baroque. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the Prestige Decor collection of facade decor, which allows you to change the look of the building in a fairly short time. For us, quality of products, a wide range of decorative elements, and the production of non-standard elements of facade decor are mandatory. Eaves, universal eaves (base-capitals for pilasters and square columns), moldings, window sills, pilasters, columns, locks, bosses, overlays - all this can be made both according to our catalogs, and according to individual projects of architects in order to give originality the exterior of your building. The beauty of the details of the Prestige Decor collection and the ease of installation work are complemented by the strength characteristics of the materials. The element profile is cut out from the PSB-S-25 block with the accuracy specified by the computer. Then, using a drawing or spraying method, a highly plastic protective coating is applied with a layer of 2-2.5 mm for strength, waterproofing and weather resistance of the surface. During the production of the Prestige Decor collection, the entire technological process is clearly observed, double quality control is applied, and a packaging system for elements of various sizes has been developed. Our personal experience and customer reviews confirm the benefits of the Prestige Decor collection. Physico-chemical properties of the material, and installation features provide a long service life and high-quality appearance of the decorative elements of our production. The architectural facade decor of the Prestige Decor collection is: CONVENIENT (permanent stock, the ability to process docking and restoration of the coating with DarMix mix); PLEASANT and FAVORABLE (the highest quality, durability, environmental friendliness, esthetics); EASY (transport, unload, store, assemble).
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SKU: КС 102
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Length, сm
The name of the modification CORNICE PRESTIGE DECOR КС 102
Тype of product CORNICE
Length, сm 200
Height, cm 17
Width, cm 12.5
Product material POLYSTYRENE (PS)