As we enter the new decade, we can observe trends in return to classics in the interior. Even last year, it was possible to notice that the world's leading designers, such as, for example, Emily Henderson and Dan Mazzarini, began to lean more and more towards classical elements: graceful moldings, cornices with minimalistic ornaments - all these decorative elements returns to modern interiors.

The return to the classics is due to the feeling of comfort, beauty and sophistication that classic elements in the interior give to us. From an economic point of view, people are attracted to interior design beyond time, which will always be relevant, rather than a fashion style that they can get tired of over time.

A modern approach to classic design does not imply a heap of architectural elements with complex ornaments in the interior. They were replaced by smooth moldings and cornices, simple ceiling rosettes and skirting boards, and the right choice of colors, furniture and interior details give that luxury style.

Classic interior is harmony, simplicity and symmetry, that is why, despite modern trends, classics always remain relevant when choosing the style of the room.