If you're looking for a way to make a splash in your interior design in 2021, look up at the ceiling. We often put our focus on the walls and miss another important design opportunity. Your ceiling is the fifth wall that can set the tone of the entire space.

Ceiling beams, which were typical for houses a century ago, were previously a design requirement, but then they weren’t used for a long time. The love of vintage and the growing popularity of interior styles such as rustic, industrial and farmhouse have brought decorative beams back into fashion again.

Decorative polyurethane beams, imitating the natural structure of wood, are used to add personality and style to the room. They attract attention, visually increase the space and create a great emphasis on design, without taking up square meters.

We present two new colors of beams in our DecoWood collection: gray and red oak. Beams and panels in red oak color perfectly complement the classic interior, while products in gray oak color highlight the uniqueness of a scandinavian and high-tech room.

Red oak

Gray oak

Decorative beams are a great visual element for any space. They are perfectly combined with many design styles and those elements will give your home an unique feature. If you choose the DecoWood brand, you will get an original product that can emphasize your taste in the interior of your home for years.