Elite Decor Industry factory is pleased to announce the release of a new collection of decorative ornaments in the Arabic style, named ARXAT.

Carefully designed and developed ARXAT decorative elements allow to implement the true spirit of traditional Arab house in a contemporary design by combining of different ornaments. This will give a unique look to any premises, from living rooms to offices and mosques.

There are no restrictions in the combination of ARXAT elements;just use your imagination and give your room a unique style - light and airy, adjusts to the lyrical mood, or a serious tone, allowing you to focus on important affairs and global issues of the present and the future.

Premium quality of ARXAT polyurethane ornaments allows you to combine elements with an ideal precision, embodying the geometrically correct and perfect patterns, symbolizing the triumph of logic and beauty of order over the chaos of imperfect world.

New collection of ARXAT Oriental ornaments has beenalready presented on the markets of Middle East, where managed to earn the interest and recognition among architects, designers and private customers.