There is no limit to perfection, you always want something to change, improve or transform radically, for such purposes, and there is a decorative materials, such as stucco.

The main purpose of the use of stucco, is to adjust the proportions of the room:

• The vertical arrangement of the pilasters and moldings visually increase the ceiling height.

• If you place the horizontal moldings are visually expand, but will make the room below.

• Horizontally placed moldings are used to separate the walls and hide the joints of the two tones wallpaper.

• Also, with the help of horizontal moldings, you can create a picture or a photo gallery.

Also, stucco can be used for decorating everyday objects:

• Stucco molding made of polyurethane transform ordinary doors and openings for doors. To do this, just select the desired pattern and stick to the surface of the door and doorway appropriate molding and / or pattern of polyurethane.

• Decorative Stucco is also suitable for decorating furniture. You can update your wardrobe, buffet or dresser decorative moldings of polyurethane. Stucco on the furniture can be painted to match or contrast the color of the furniture.

• Stucco molding in the interior. Moldings can be used as a frame for a mirror or picture, and thus support the interior, to the same moldings can be painted and decorated.

Stucco decor from polyurethane, provided on our site, includes the entire range of decorative moldings, required to implement a complete and harmonious design. This rich set of eaves for the design of joints of walls and ceiling moldings to decorate the walls and ceiling, sockets, designed the space around the chandeliers, pilasters, columns, pedestals, and many other decorative items whose relevance in the interior of the test of time.

With the aid of the stucco decoration of the polyurethane can recreate any historical epoch in a particular space or to design your own style fashioned in the spirit of modern ekletizma. Magical charm of classical forms find a place in any environment.